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Penis Size – How much does it matter?

The subject of penis size is an age old debate. Some say it’s essential to have a large penis in order to achieve success in the bedroom, while others claim it’s the technique that matters.

But what about the size of sex toys?
Are these large dildos indicative of what women want?

big-dildo-womanWomen often claim that penis size is irrelevant to their pleasure, but if that’s the case, why are sex toys so large? Upon visiting any online sex toy store, you’ll find yourself faced with an array of vibrators and dildos, reaching anywhere up to 15 inches!

Of course, the companies wouldn’t make products that nobody is going to purchase, so it’s clear that women are excited at the thought of a bigger penis.

In addition to the length of these toys, you may notice that dildos and vibrators are also available in a variety of widths and shapes. This leads us to the next question of which is better: a longer or wider penis? Can the curvature of the penis really make or break the level of sexual enjoyment?

Finally, we have to take the hardness and stamina of the penis into account. A dildo is always hard and will never ‘cum’ before the woman. It’s no secret that women want the same experience from a sexual partner. If you ejaculate too soon, she’ll be left frustrated and disappointed.

Am I really in competition with a dildo?

Unfortunately, that may be the case. According to research, over half of the female population in the United States admit to regularly using a dildo or vibrator. Through frequent use, a woman may become accustomed to the larger than average size and girth of the toy, meaning when she experiences sexual encounters with average, or below average men, she may feel something is lacking in the size department.

What can I do to compare to these toys? Can penis pumps help?

To put it simply, increasing the size of your dick will make it more comparable to the toys your woman knows and loves. Your problem is working out how to achieve it.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be a difficult task, as there are a number of products available that can help to boost both the length and width of your penis, as well as improving your stamina!


Firstly, you have the option of trying penis pumps. If you’re hoping to increase the overall size of your penis, these aren’t the way to go. However, if you’re looking to heighten your libido and ensure your penis stays harder for longer, resulting in better sex and intense orgasms, they could be for you.

The other, more permanent alternative is using a penis extender to gradually alter your penis over a period of time. A penis extender is a device designed to slowly and painlessly stretch the penis to the desired size.

Remember, using a penis extender is the only way to effectively and permanently enlarge the size of your penis.

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Tips to Have Safer & Healthier Sex

When having sex, pleasure is often the first thing we take into consideration, however it’s important to ensure you’re staying healthy too.

safe-sexBy practising safe sex, you can avoid potentially disastrous or life threatening illnesses or conditions that may be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

What are the repercussions of unprotected sex?

Unsafe sex could result in an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, both of which you’d presumably like to avoid.

What are my options when considering safe sex?

There are a huge number of protective measures you can take to protect yourself during sex, depending on the type of sex you’re having.

Protected Foreplay

Not many people realise that foreplay may require the use of protection. For example, dental dams can be used to create a protective obstruction between you and your partner during oral sex. Using this method can drastically reduce your chances of catching diseases like herpes, hepatitis A or HIV.

Sexual Intercourse

While it’s important to stay safe at all times, it’s when having sexual intercourse itself that you’ll want to be most careful.

risk-free-sexBy using a regular, latex condom, you’ll experience 99% risk-free sex, protected against pregnancy and STDs. If you’re on a budget, that’s no excuse not to stay safe! Visit your local family planning clinic, where you’ll be able to pick up both free condoms and unlimited information regarding safe sex.

If you and your partner have both been tested for STDs and have both proven to be clean, you may wish to switch to hormonal birth control. These will protect against unwanted pregnancies.

Sex Toys

Did you know that there are way to ensure your sex toy play is risk free? While your chances of contracting a sexually transmitting disease through a sex toy is significantly reduced, it isn’t completely impossible.

The ultimate way to ensure a sex toy stays STD-free is by not sharing it, however it’s understandable that you may want to share it with your partner. If you use the toy with multiple partners, try using a condom, in addition to thoroughly cleaning it with boiling water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner in between uses.

Common Sense

You may think some things may go without saying, but using a little common sense can help you stay safe. Take alcohol for instance. It’s a known fact that mistakes can happen while we’re drunk, so if you know you’re going to be drinking, try carrying condoms and don’t try anything too ‘out there’.

Alternatively, if you know you’re going to be in a situation that may lead to sex, try cutting back on the booze to ensure a good time with your intended partner.

safe-sex-benefitsAre there any other benefits to staying safe in the bedroom?

Yes! By keeping yourself safe when indulging in sexual activity, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying yourself rather than worrying about catching a disease or getting your girl pregnant.

Without the added anxiety and pressure, you’ll increase your energy, performance and pleasure, leading to a far more satisfying sexual experience.

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Enhance your Sex Life

So, you’ve been to your primary health care practitioner and have been given a clean bill of health. There are no underlying and untreated physical illnesses or conditions like high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, or diabetes at work.


What do you do next?

After you’ve begun making healthy lifestyles changes to increase overall health for optimal sexual health performance, it may be time to consider other options.

Prescription Options

Many medications and supplements exist for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and can give you and your partner back the sexual fulfillment you both previously enjoyed.

Treatment options can depend on your age or overall health status in addition to the source of your erectile difficulties. Whether you opt for prescription medication, supplements, injections, surgeries, or tools like the penis pump, there is a right solution specifically for you out there and waiting.

Current prescription options on the market generally surround five drugs which work by increasing blood flow to the penis. This type of medication can have side effects or should not be used by individuals with certain health conditions so it’s important to speak to your doctor and follow dosing instructions and warnings carefully. New treatments are in the development and testing stages which will provide additional options to those who are unable to take the standard oral prescriptions or have less side effects.

In Development or Testing

One such medication is currently on the market in Europe but is on hold for further testing in North America before it can be released. It works through the stimulation of dopamine, a brain chemical, which increases sexual sensations and interest and is a dissolvable tablet which is slid under your tongue. Other options currently being studied range from gene therapy to creams to melanocortin activators which will be delivered through a nose spray and affect the central nervous system.

natural-supplementsNatural Supplements

If prescriptions are not up your alley, plenty of natural supplements and remedies have been deemed effective and safe for treating erectile dysfunction.

Panax Ginseng, or Red Ginseng, has been studied for use in treating erectile dysfunction. This herb should be used for short periods as it can have complications with longer use. The most common side effect is insomnia and this herbal product can interact negatively with alcohol or medications so speak to your pharmacist or health care provider before using it.


Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone which is naturally produced by the body but can be made into supplement form through the use of wild yam or soy. This supplement was found effective except in cases where erectile dysfunction existed due to diabetic or other nerve disorders. Side effects generally were upset stomach, acne, or hair loss.


L-arginine, or arginine, is found in meat and dairy products but can be created in a lab. It works by expanding blood vessels so has a similar action to prescription erectile dysfunction medications. Side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach cramps. This supplement should not be taken by anyone using a prescription erectile dysfunction medication or anyone taking nitrates or high blood pressure medicines.


Before taking any new medication or supplement, it is important to consult with your health care provider or pharmacist to ensure it doesn’t interact with any medications you may be taking. You may also have a health condition which could be worsened by taking medications or supplements without consulting your physician. With so many prescription, supplement, surgical, and lifestyle changes available, there is no need to frustrated by erectile difficulties. Make an appointment with your doctor and discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing with getting or maintaining an erection and discuss your options thoroughly. Your doctor can tell you which prescription, supplement, or lifestyle change will have the best effects for your particular issue and health concerns.

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