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Tips to Have Safer & Healthier Sex

When having sex, pleasure is often the first thing we take into consideration, however it’s important to ensure you’re staying healthy too.

safe-sexBy practising safe sex, you can avoid potentially disastrous or life threatening illnesses or conditions that may be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

What are the repercussions of unprotected sex?

Unsafe sex could result in an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, both of which you’d presumably like to avoid.

What are my options when considering safe sex?

There are a huge number of protective measures you can take to protect yourself during sex, depending on the type of sex you’re having.

Protected Foreplay

Not many people realise that foreplay may require the use of protection. For example, dental dams can be used to create a protective obstruction between you and your partner during oral sex. Using this method can drastically reduce your chances of catching diseases like herpes, hepatitis A or HIV.

Sexual Intercourse

While it’s important to stay safe at all times, it’s when having sexual intercourse itself that you’ll want to be most careful.

risk-free-sexBy using a regular, latex condom, you’ll experience 99% risk-free sex, protected against pregnancy and STDs. If you’re on a budget, that’s no excuse not to stay safe! Visit your local family planning clinic, where you’ll be able to pick up both free condoms and unlimited information regarding safe sex.

If you and your partner have both been tested for STDs and have both proven to be clean, you may wish to switch to hormonal birth control. These will protect against unwanted pregnancies.

Sex Toys

Did you know that there are way to ensure your sex toy play is risk free? While your chances of contracting a sexually transmitting disease through a sex toy is significantly reduced, it isn’t completely impossible.

The ultimate way to ensure a sex toy stays STD-free is by not sharing it, however it’s understandable that you may want to share it with your partner. If you use the toy with multiple partners, try using a condom, in addition to thoroughly cleaning it with boiling water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner in between uses.

Common Sense

You may think some things may go without saying, but using a little common sense can help you stay safe. Take alcohol for instance. It’s a known fact that mistakes can happen while we’re drunk, so if you know you’re going to be drinking, try carrying condoms and don’t try anything too ‘out there’.

Alternatively, if you know you’re going to be in a situation that may lead to sex, try cutting back on the booze to ensure a good time with your intended partner.

safe-sex-benefitsAre there any other benefits to staying safe in the bedroom?

Yes! By keeping yourself safe when indulging in sexual activity, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying yourself rather than worrying about catching a disease or getting your girl pregnant.

Without the added anxiety and pressure, you’ll increase your energy, performance and pleasure, leading to a far more satisfying sexual experience.

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Erection Problems or Erectile Dysfunction Difficulties

erection-problemsMost men have experienced problems getting or maintaining an erection at some point in their lives.

Many factors can contribute to these issues and it is important to always see your doctor to ensure there is not an underlying medical condition which needs addressing.

Begin by consulting with your primary health care physician and have a complete physical.

Most problems with erection can be resolved by treating underlying health problems or making a few changes to your lifestyle.

Depression, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, hormone levels, or medications you are taking may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

If there is no underlying health condition and you’ve received a clean bill of health, issues in your relationship may also contribute to problems achieving or maintaining an erection. relationship-problemsIf you and your partner no longer care for each other, are not attracted to each other, fight often, communicate poorly, or are bored, these factors can contribute to erection problems.

Open dialogue with your partner and talk about any issues you feel you are having, seek couples counselling, spice up your sex life through play and new activities together, or do other things to work on your relationship.

If your relationship isn’t the issue either, cut down on smoking or quit, reduce or eliminate alcohol or drug use, exercise daily and eat a healthy diet, get plenty of rest and make sure you eliminating stress or are using relaxation techniques. All or any of these factors may cause men to have erection issues. Sometimes the answer is as simple as adding a bit of exercise and eating better. If your body is stressed and tired from your lifestyle, there’s a good chance you will encounter erection problems at some point.

ask-a-doctorIf none of these situations applies or has been cleared as being the issue, it may be time to consult your physician. Your doctor will give you a thorough examination and discuss your lifestyle as well as the medications you are taking. The examination will involve checking your penis, scrotum, and prostate to ensure that there is no inflammation, irregularities, or blockages which could be causing your erection issues such as a swollen prostate.

The solution:

penis-pumpsSome men have found improvement in their erectile dysfunction with the use of penis pumps. This is a good option for those who are unable to take prescription or natural supplement options or who have not found improvement using these methods. A penis pump can be used by most men except those who suffer from bleeding issues or take blood thinners, those with a spinal cord injury or diminished sensation in their penis, history of prolonged erection, or who have a curved penis. Most men using water assited penis pumps are able to maintain an erection for 30 minutes but the band should be removed after that amount of time to reduce the risk of injury.

What else?

Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet, frequent exercise, adequate rest, elimination of stress, and dealing with relationship issues are often enough to prevent or resolve erection problems. Consulting with a physician can ensure no underlying health issues or medications are interfering with your ability to get or maintain an erection. Therapies for mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, or self-esteem issues, can also help to eliminate erectile dysfunction through dealing with any issues you may be encountering or through the use of relaxation techniques.

Medications which may cause erection issues will be changed or adjusted as this may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from a hormone imbalance or other medical issue, prescription medications may also be prescribed to help you with this issue or your doctor may prescribe you a medication to increase the strength and intensity of your erection to help you achieve the functioning you previously enjoyed.

There are many ways to help eliminate and treat erectile dysfunction and there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed to discuss this with your partner or your physician. Most men will encounter some issue with achieving or maintaining erection at some point in their lives and with all of the treatments available, there is no need to feel badly about it or just tolerate it. Talk with your partner and make an appointment to discuss your erectile dysfunction with your physician and get back to enjoying your sex life.

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Penis Pills and You – Pros & Cons

Many men are born with penises that they are unhappy with and they are inundated by images and stories that women are only happy with larger genitalia. In such a world, men with small penises think they are doomed to a lonely and unsatisfying life. That is a lot of pressure to put on a part of your body! A man can’t do much to fix the member he was born with – no amount of dieting or exercising can change the size of a penis.

penis-pillsSo what’s a guy to do?
The answer: penis pills.

These pills are an over-the-counter medication, saving men from a trip to the doctor and having an embarrassing conversation.

Why penis pills and not some other form of enlargement?

The reason men use pills is fairly obvious – they increase girth and length, thereby giving men a leg up on the competition, so to speak. Though the actual size of the penis does not become enlarged when in its flaccid and natural state, the size of a man’s erection greatly increases from before regular pill use to after regular pill use. These supplements use natural ingredients that increase the flow of blood in the penis region to increase the size of the erection.

Penis pills are specifically made to target the blood and direct the flow to where it needs to go. Unlike other enlargement options, the pills are natural and deliver the exact, targeted response men are looking for.

Are there other benefits to the pills?


In addition to increasing the size of the erection, the supplements can often help with erectile dysfunction, a common – but rarely talked about – problem in men. The natural ingredients in the pills help combat the obstacles holding men back from sustaining an erection and therefore help erections stay harder and stronger for longer periods of times.

They can also help a man with his overall confidence, no small feat; a seemingly larger penis can greatly enhance a man’s confidence both in and out of the bedroom, thereby boosting the quality of his life. Greater confidence leads to more sexual activity and there are a number of health benefits that come with a healthy sex life: better sleep, stronger immune system, lower chance of prostrate cancer, and lowered stress levels.

Penis pills are quick and easy to use and you see results almost immediately.

Finally, the supplements are the least invasive of all penis enhancement options: no surgery required, no stretchers, no weights, and so on. You just need to remember to take your pill once a day.

Are there any disadvantages to using them?

As with any other medication, there are potential negative side effects when using penis pills. It is important to remember that the benefits of the pills are not long lasting, meaning you must remember to take your supplement each day or you will not reach your targeted erection size.

If you take these pills past the age of puberty (which is recommended so as not to impede natural growth), the actual size of your penis will not increase, as mentioned above; only the size of your erection will increase. Other complications that may occur include insomnia, vision problems, irregular heartbeat, and hearing loss.

top-brandsWhen determining which particular supplement is right for you, be careful and do your research. There are plenty of fraudulent pills on the market and companies are always looking for customers that will spend lots of money with very little knowledge about the product they are buying. Read reviews and understand all the ingredients that go into what you are buying. Customers seem most satisfied with VigRx Plus, ProSolution, Extenze, and Vimax. To understand which supplement is right for you, visit the company’s website and learn more about the product.

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