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G-Spot, Female Orgasm and Ejaculation

Female ejaculation is often considered to be a mystery. Some can do it, some can’t, and some don’t even know it exists! There have even been claims that the concept itself is ‘fake’ and impossible.

squirtingWhat is Female Ejaculation?

Scientifically speaking, female ejaculation, more commonly referred to as ‘squirting’ is when fluid is expelled by the paraurethral ducts during or just before an orgasm.

And what about this elusive G-Spot?

The G-Spot’s existence has also been debated. The truth is, it is real. The spot is an extremely sensitive area within the vagina’s anterior wall. Stimulating this area has been linked to female ejaculation.

Why do people claim these female attributes don’t exist?

Many people, including some doctors and health professionals, believe that there is no natural way for a female to ejaculate. They use the physical anatomy as evidence and claim that any liquid that leaves the body in this event is essentially urination.

However, other doctors, health practitioners and sex activists believe the female ejaculation is a real phenomenon, in addition to the thousands of women worldwide who claim it has happened to them.

female-orgasmHow to Achieve Female Ejaculation

It has been said that any woman can learn to ejaculate, so if you or your partner are hoping to achieve female ejaculation, there are steps you can follow to give it a try.

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure your bladder is empty. Before reaching female ejaculation, you’ll experience a feeling of needing to urinate, however it’s important that this feeling appears as the result of being aroused, rather than needed to use the bathroom.

Next, take a moment to relax somewhere comfortable. Sexual health professionals suggest that the inability to ejaculate comes from holding back when feeling the need to ‘release’.

To avoid worry, you may wish to practise in the bath. It’s unlikely urine will be released, which is a common fear, however your mind will be at ease.

g-spotTry to stimulate the g-spot – also known as the urethral sponge. It will be easy to locate within the walls of the vagina due to its texture, making it stand out from other areas. It will feel spongy and soft to the touch.

This stimulation could be achieved through the use of your, or your partner’s fingers, or a dildo or vibrator that is curved specifically for g-spot stimulation.

Combine this with clitoral stimulation, varying strokes and pressure levels. Feel free to experiment and see what feels good to you.

After some time, as the pleasure builds up, you may begin to feel as if you need to urinate. This feeling has been reported by many women as they discuss the feeling they experienced before reaching the point of female ejaculation. As you reach this point, relax and release.

Whether you manage to achieve female ejaculation or not, practising pleasure can be an amazing experience for both you and your partner so relax and enjoy your orgasms without focusing too much on the end goal. You never know – it may take you by surprise!

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